Becky Kolsrud, Woman with Gate (Shadow), 2016

Kiss the Girls: Make Them Cry

April 14th – May 6th, 2017



Public Access is honored to present Kiss the Girls: Make Them Cry, a group exhibition featuring works from Claire Arctander, Dara Birnbaum, Anna Showers Cruser, and Becky Kolsrud. Using Dara Birnbaum’s video work from 1979, Kiss the Girls: Make Them Cry, as a point of departure, the contemporary works in this exhibition bring to the fore questions surrounding desire and gratification, sensuality and aggression, ownership and objectivity, representation and reality. In these works, the experience of viewing the subject is mediated––through lenses, painted gates, or material obstruction––delaying or problematizing the desire to look, to watch, to consume. In viewing the works as a whole, larger questions emerge: can we have agency of one’s own visuality? How can we reclaim the actions and experiences of our own bodies in order to make a critical space? Can we produce our own subjectivity?