Re:Reading Spaces
January 27 - February 25

Re:Reading Spaces, featuring works by Willy Smart, Sherae Rimpsey, Mashinka Firunts & Danny Snelson, and Nathan Jones, speculatively calls on questions of reading and its practices, both its possible forms and its potential sites, not so much a reading room, but a room for reading. To put it another way, space and reading is not without literal and visual implications – the matter of reading, the matter of form, and the particular space in which they might become similar or contradictory. Reading, like space, is a proposition, a proposition that might delay or reduce all assumed and unassumed tenses, activities, and materials – to read, to give it a reading, to be read – to read silently, aloud, methodically, socially – to read literally, figuratively, and metaphorically. And that’s to say that reading does not come without a body, a body of work and a body at work: a textual corpus, the frame of an image, and some variation of a public facing private. This is another way of saying that the conventions of a critical reading practice as art by way of reading and art attempt to consider the contingencies of completeness and consistency: composition is one ticket, apprehension another.